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Fabrizio Greco’s new composition is named after a much beloved film character and is realized by using musical analitical data extracted from photographs that evocate memories of the village he grew up in.

The images of Chernobyl narrate a vision of a lost city, alive with micro organisms, animated by the squeaking of derelict carousels and entraped in silence and empty squares, where many lay the signs of a nuclear disaster.The author imagines himself as Waxflatter, the scientist in Barry Levinson’s film, and travels within different landscapes that fuse non places with melancholic memories of his own lands.

As the acoustic carpet trips within a vortex of echoes we find ourselves confronted with a crossroad; we are then suspended in mid air with our feet glued down in cement. From then on the journey continues in a tranquil mood slightly overshadowed by the unpredictable and inevitable future that is to come.

The memories of laboratories and industries that chocke the green of that fertile land suddenly hit us; hence the sounds become more acid, louder and heavier reminding us of the very machinery that is the culprit.

A surreal staccato brings us amidst train and then coach tracks, at who’s guide are phantoms of the past that soften the atmosphere with folk guitars. Next we are transported in a forest that in the author’s mind represents both stupor for the marvellous and melancholy for the time been.

At this point we feel fire under our feet that forces us once again to choose which path to take at the crossroad we have previuosally encountered. Desert and glacial-like sounds allow us to communicate with our most inner selves where we discover the mountain and its animals. Next the sound of an abandoned ski resort brings us back to a space inhabited by others. We listen to the snowflakes falling, the sound of a chairlift is fused with that of a subway.

Once again we are confronted with the crossroad: shall we go up or down? It is in this very instant that the skilift brings us to the mountain hut, where childhood memories and dreams came to life, where all music was listened to, from violins to violas.


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